Ray Homepage Picture

Rayane Hoballah

  • PhD in Chemical Engineering
  • London, UK
  • Current: QCCSRC
  • Previous: QCCSRC
  • Education: Imperial College
Priyanka Homepage Picture

Priyanka Deo

  • 'Voice of People'
  • Los Angeles, USA
  • Current: MSc/MA:GM&C
  • Previous: Pre-Law
  • Education: USC, LSE
Lucy Homepage Picture

Lucy Doyle

  • Aspiring TV Producer
  • London, UK
  • Current: Final year BA Hispanic Studies
  • Previous: BBC Good Food Magazine
  • Education: University College London
Miguel Homepage Picture

Miguel Rodriguez

  • Passionate Film Maker
  • London, UK
  • Current: 1st year BA Film Studies
  • Previous: École Internationale de Genève
  • Education: King’s College London

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