Hello world, this is YouJoin. We are all about You.

YouJoin.com brings personality to your online professional profile, which looks more interesting and visually appealing. With our world's first innovative Semi-public profile mode your privacy is better protected.

Your profile is your brand

We provide a platform where you can create a multi-media rich online profile for your career and work life related experiences, which is more presentable and visually appealing than a conventional CV.

Profiles with personality stand out

Thousands of others may share the same skills and experiences as you, but your personality makes you unique in the world. Your mottos, goals, photos, multi-media documents (such as photos and videos) in your YouJoin profile allow other people to get to know a real You in career and work life setting, and to establish emotional connections with you.

Protect your privacy better

With our Semi-public Profile (customised profile link and PIN), you no longer need to worry about overly exposing yourself to the whole internet population when having a public profile, nor worrying about losing interests of recruiters or your contacts to view your nicely-built profile when having a private profile (as they no longer need to register with the site and connect with you to view your profile). Simply:

Create your profile

Put your Semi-public profile link on top of your CV or Business card

Stand out from the crowd

  • Say ‘No’ to Facebook spying

    With a YouJoin profile, we give you the confidence to say ‘No’ to employers when they request access to your Facebook account. Be confident to tell them that it is not cool to invade your private life, and invite them to check out your nicely built YouJoin profile.

  • ‘All in one’

    You no longer need to list dozens of other social media channels links on your CV. Simply add these links to the ‘Follow me’ section on your profile and use your YouJoin profile as the concierge for your social media channels.

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Our Mission and Beliefs

Our mission is to shape a more open, current and well-connected professional world.

We believe in adding a human touch to online professional profiles.

You deserve a better online professional profile

With a human touch where professionals and recruiters are able to get to know a real person, not another CV online.

Fair, simple and dedicated

Young people deserve fairer, simpler and more dedicated recruitment services to help them stand out from the crowd, to give them a voice in their career development and land the dream jobs that they desire.

Where there is a will, there is a way

  • Integrity is our core Value
  • To be Better is at the centre of our Brand
  • Entrepreneurship is what leads us to achieve our Vision
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