YouJoin provides a platform to allow people to share their current work and career life related experiences more easily and openly with other people, and to stay connected with others. Therefore, a good standard of professionalism and honesty needs to be maintained on our site to ensure YouJoin is the right platform for professionals to use, and in long term, to shape a more open, current and well-connected professional world.

With our mission and vision in mind, we are providing this community policy that highlights some principles when we consider which actions or activities of our users are acceptable and which are inappropriate that we have to step in to stop them.

YouJoin Community Policy principles:

  • Professionalism: We need our members to maintain a good standard of professionalism, which means that your actions need to be appropriate and commonly accepted at a work place, no matter that it is a large corporate environment or a small startup team. As to your work life and career-contented sharing, you need to recognize that your activities on YouJoin may, directly or indirectly, affect the images or reputation of your current or past employers, hence maintaining a good standard of professionalism is the best way to behave on YouJoin.

  • Authenticity: We value that genuine, responsible and real people use our service, then the content you create on our site should be genuine and real as well such as real names, a fair description of your career to date, your achievements, your experiences and so on. Information that is inaccurate, inappropriate or misleading is not okay to provide to and share on YouJoin.

  • Friendly and Kind: We would like users to be friendly and kind to other users on our website, to respect other peoples’ rights, work life, career preferences, feelings and privacy. To encourage others to embrace a more happy work life, more success in their careers, and to bring more positivity to others are good behaviou'r on our site. On the other hand, send inappropriate or not unwelcome communications or software virus to other people; threaten, bully, harass, or intimidate others; hate speeches; send or share obscene, nude or pornography to or with others; discriminate others for their ethnicity, nationality, gender, sex orientation, disability, medical condition, political beliefs, religions, career preferences, work lifestyles, lifestyles, are deemed as bad behaviors on YouJoin, and we will step in to stop it as soon as we find out. Be considerate and provide warnings about the nature of your contents especially if it might affect others, to allow others to have an informed choice before choosing to view it.

  • Respect YouJoin: By using our site, you have already agreed to our terms, privacy policies and community policy, hence we would like you to respect our rights, especially our intellectual property rights, trademark rights and copyrights.

  • Respect the Law: We will not tolerate any users who use our website for illegal activities. You also should not create or upload information that might bring negative consequences to other people, violate other people’s legal and moral rights (such as copyright, intellectual property rights, privacy and other proprietary rights), or upload personal information of others without their prior consent.

If you find anything on our site that is against our community policies, user terms or privacy policies, or in general, breaking the law, you should report to us as soon as possible by emailing us at However please do be aware that we cannot guarantee that we will remove content that you report.