We aim to shape a more open, current and well-connected professional world.
Would YouJoin us?

We welcome talented people to join our exciting journey to help achieve our mission. We especially welcome people who share the same beliefs of The YouJoin Team. We are always hungry for those who are better than us.

  • Stay Humble
  • Stay Hungry
  • Stay Foolish

At the heart of The YouJoin Team:

Integrity: Integrity is our core Value. We see integrity to be the most important principle at whatever we do. It means we act with honesty, we act with honour and truthfulness and we take responsibility for our actions.

Better: To be Better is at the centre of our Brand. Focusing on being the best is tough, but what is even more challenging and exciting is to commit to performing better continuously. This drives our team to constantly review, improve and adjust our ways to provide better results, and also to be a better person in our personal development.

Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is what leads us to achieve our Vision. We see entrepreneurship in an individual as an invaluable asset, as it is an elegant blend of pragmatism, leadership, stamina, knowledge, grit, and most importantly, determination and perseverance.

‘If you see what we see, if you feel as we feel, and if you would seek as we seek’

Please send your YouJoin Semi-public Profile link and a brief cover letter to contact@youjoin.com.